Hi, I'm Greg. I couldn't decide whether to write in this in first or third-person, so be warned: it might switch at any time.

I'm a writer and creative professional who currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. After attending college in Philadelphia and working for three years as a theatre actor on the east coast, I moved west to pursue a career in the television industry. I have a broad base of skills that can be attributed to the wide variety of jobs I've had over the years: writer, director, social media producer, marketing consultant, office manager, executive assistant, the list goes on. After spending two and a half years in various roles at Nickelodeon Animation Studio, I'm currently freelancing on a number of creative and commercial projects. I'm also an avid baseball fan, and spend my free time on rock climbing/yoga/other hopelessly LA things.

He made it through almost the whole bio without switching pronouns.